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Central Corridor Transit Study

Brand Development, Web Design & Editing

I was the design lead in the brand design/ identity and the website development for the Central Corridor Transit Study. The project spanned from Lehi to Provo, Utah. The Transportation department tasked Horrocks Engineers to develop and design transportation solutions to alleviate traffic congestion within the fast growing area. As a result, the project needed to have a solid brand identity and be easily accessible to the public throughout the process of alternative solution studies, environmental impact studies, etc. 

Working closely with the city governments, UDOT and the Engineering teams, I oversaw the logo development and design, brand identity, typography selection, color palette selection and map design all the way down to the north symbol. Once the style guide was established, I then worked to design the elements that would be used throughout the website and various handouts used in public meetings as well as mailed to residence within the area.

The website was built from the ground up, designed to be user friendly to the public for both desktop and mobile devices. The maps were designed, branded and laid out to clearly display the data reflected by the various alternatives. Furthermore, I developed and designed infographics and icons to effectively visually represent the necessary data. 

Overall, the project was time intensive and required a lot of overhead approval in order to comply with local government agencies and city regulations. As the design lead on this project, I was consistently in communication with my team and the client in order to ensure all finished products met the needs of the project. My roll was to orchestrate content development while maintaining aesthetic appeal, brand consistency in both printed and digital content.

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