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CIMS - Construction Information Management System

Brand Development, Web Design & Editing

The CIMS project was an application built in-house for Horrocks Engineers. The main objective in this project was to completely build a separate brand identity and feel apart from the parent company of Horrocks brand. 

I was a part of the team that helped to build the logo design from the ground up. I then worked on the development of visual brand identity based on the logo design. I was responsible for selecting the typography, color palette, and developed the individual icon designs used throughout the website, video content and mobile application system. I orchestrated compiling the branded content into a style guide for the team to follow. 

Once the brand identity and style guide was completed, I was tasked with developing a website for investors and potential clients to access and understand what the new product has to offer. The challenge for this project was to design a visually consistent and easily accessible representation of the CIMS brand that communicated clearly the benefits of the app. The results of the hard work put into the project speaks for itself.

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