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Benefits YOU

Brand Development, Design & Production

I had the opportunity to brand an entire line of CBD products that capitalized on wholistic healing solutions. In recent years, using hemp based products for the medicinal value has become increasingly normalized. In fact, countless studies have and continue to find it to be far more effective as a viable solution to a large number of medical conditions, replacing harsh medications that only cause further damage and introduce harmful, addictive chemicals to the body.


The clear challenge in building this brand, was in creating a marketable product to people that have been reluctant to use any kind of hemp based product due to historically negative rhetoric propagated about the use of the marijuana plant. This was an opportunity to create a viable brand capable of reflecting the value of these products while providing the space to educate individuals that would benefit greatly from the products.

Our team went through the process of selecting the name "Benefits YOU," to appeal to the consumer as a trusted medical option. I then perfected the logo, developing the leaf and typography. As the lead designer, I researched other similar brands and symbols of holistic wellness before landing on the use of the mandala. 

Out of respect for the symbol and to keep the brand uniquely authentic, the mandala was designed and drawn by hand, then digitalized, colored and edited. Once the color scheme and typography was selected, the labels were designed for each product.


It was my responsibility to ensure that the packaging was not only aesthetically consistent, but FDA approved as well. Each product included packaging size, specific barcodes, accurate listing of ingredients and Nutritional Facts. Each label went through extensive editing and legally regulated alterations before the final print production.


This project was a dynamic experience to be at the helm of the design, development and production process from the ground up. I actively worked directly with vendors, overseeing product packaging, label printing and ensuring the quality of the final product.

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