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Be Cool Grandpa - Branding Identity_BLACK BACK.jpg
Be Cool Grandpa - Branding Identity_WHITE BACK.jpg
Be Cool Grandpa - Branding Identity.jpg
Be Cool Grandpa

Branding, Production & Editing

I had the privilege of working with a client that was interested in starting a blog for his grandkids called, “Be Cool Grandpa”. He was also interested in the potential of creating a brand he could build on and use to brand a business beyond personal use. It was an opportunity to focus on branding development and identity while simultaneously working closely with the client to maintain his vision throughout the entirety of the project.


From start to completion, it underwent quite the transformation before arriving at what is now seen. Each individual icon, from the mustache to the sunglasses and hats, were individually designed and created from scratch, in order to reflect an activity specific theme. 


From out door adventures to cooking in the kitchen, the icon can be switched in the client's logo, based on the relevant activity he’s writing about in his weekly blog. Furthermore, per request of the client, the vast selection of activity based icons can be used in his desires to expand the brand as a business opportunity.


All individual products under the "Be Cool Grandpa" brand can be specifically branded to the associated activity it is intended for. As a default, the bowler hat is the main icon used.

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