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Smooth Move Logo Development Sketch.jpg
Smooth Move Sketch.jpg
Smooth Move - BUSINESS CARD - Back.png
Smooth Move - BUSINESS CARD - Front.png
Smooth Move - Stationary.jpg
Smooth Move _Hat_Mockup.jpg
Smooth Move

Brand Development & Product Design

I designed a logo for a moving box and rental supply company. The conceptual development in the creation of this logo was an opportunity to orchestrate a color palette, typography selection, and brand identity development. After multiple renditions and in working closely with the client throughout the design process, I chose to create the logo out of the initials of the company name in the suggested form of a moving box. 


Simplifying the form as well as altering typographical elements activated the aesthetic appeal of the logo. From this point, the client further expressed the need for branded stationary, business cards and merchandise. Using the logo design as inspiration, I applied those elements to further expand the brand identity, translating into the design and layout of the requested items. 


Working closely with the client and involving them throughout the design process, allowed for them to feel like their needs were being met and their voice heard. I was able to successfully help guide their ideas into an elevated brand identity they were proud of owning. 

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