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Cyclops Mythos
Tarot Cards

Illustration, Production & Editing

This project was a personal endeavor in response to the increased popularity and interest in tarot cards among young adults. I came across beautifully crafted card sets and found that there is a legitimate marketplace for uniquely crafted Tarot cards. I was drawn to the idea of the potential of designing a beautiful set that was unique from any I've seen at this point.


In connecting to other interested parties, I found that the one idea that really got people excited was tales of greek mythology. Furthermore, the more I began to research, I found a plethora of forgotten tales that people were fascinated to learn about when shared. It was a fascinating concept to not only create a visually interesting deck, but to bring to light some of these forgotten stories. Thus the idea of  pairing individual mythological tales to   the specific meanings of each tarot card, was born.


After gathering extensive research, I chose to focus the first phase of cards on a lesser known group of creatures, the cyclops. I determined that the theme of this creature and the continuous tragedy that befell the cyclops in Greek mythology, made the perfect place to start. This is an ongoing project with the intention of completing the 78 tarot card deck paired with mythological tales relevant to each card in the deck.


The images were individually hand illustrated, then designed digitally to further enhance and unify the aesthetic of the cards. They were then printed on a white gold card stalk, which gave the imagery a three-dimensional depth.

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