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Executive Overreach

Concept Development, Production & Editing

At a time when our nation faced more political divides than before, I wanted to take part in the conversation. The biggest challenge in this project was to find a way to constructively contribute to the conversation rather than use confrontational language that only further pitted friends and family against one another. So I chose to design a poster that used visual and emotional representation rather than including polarizing rhetoric.


After researching extensively current political issues at the time, I settled on using the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. In the midst of the heated debates regarding our nation's leader, I felt that the 1st amendment detailing the freedom of religion and speech was (and still is), consistently a current debate amongst our nation.


In regards to the several minority groups specifically being targeted at the time, I chose to visually represent the argument of executive overreach and named it accordingly. The challenge was to find an effective way to tie it into the current political issue and then translated it into a clear visual statement. 

The creative process began with sketching out designs based on the research of the topic until the visual concept was decided. To further maintain portraying the complexity of the message in a visually simple approach, I chose to physically construct the image before digitally editing the poster for print and production.

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