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Idaho In-Lieu Fee Program

Branding, Content Layout Design, Production & Editing

I had the opportunity to design and brand a brochure to be used as a legislative document for the state of Idaho; to clearly outline and simplify the complex function of the "Idaho In-Lieu Fee Program." This was an incredibly time intensive and enlightening project to be a part of. The program has a lot of moving parts that discuss the system of preserving and rebuilding functioning wetlands displaced by construction projects. The objective for Horrocks Engineers was to refine the system and present to Idaho Legislation, a lasting, viable solution for both current and future construction projects.  

Having a limited knowledge of the In-Lieu Fee Program, let alone wetland preservation, it was imperative that I started with my own extensive study and research on the topic. I thoroughly enjoyed expanding my personal understanding of the topic and benefited greatly from asking the right questions in order to fully grasp what I was to design.

I oversaw the brand development of the project from concept to print production. The project required concise content placement. Each graphic had to be designed with precision in order to flow with the extensive text content, while maintaining readability and consistent brand identity throughout. 

The brochure went through extensive edits to both the text content and the graphics before it was print ready. The final product is a result of extensive study, consistent communication between multiple departments and actively involved teamwork.

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