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Idaho Transportation Services

Branding, Web Design, Production & Editing

In preparation for an Idaho transportation convention and meeting, Horrocks Engineers needed to create a website that acted as a landing page specific to the region; linking both the Public Involvement and Transportation departments' websites.The project needed to be designed specifically for this event while maintaining consistent with the Horrocks brand.


I was given an areal photograph of the region and asked to make a graphic representation of that image to use as both the background of the landing page and for an accompanying handout. I digitally designing the backdrop, using inspiration of vintage travel destination postcards.


Further building on the concept, I then branded the logo using large, stylized lettering. To further represent the region represented, I decided to include the shape of Idaho state behind the lettering, noting the locations of all Horrocks offices using the corporate dot logo. I went on to design a visually authentic Horrocks Engineers Postage stamp and an Idaho Transportation Department postmark to tie it all in. 

Once the look and feel of the handout design was completed and print-ready, I then designed the landing page to reflect the same aesthetic and design, using the elements of the vintage styled postcard handout as the inspiration. Overall, the project resulted in a visually appealing handout with an accompanying clean, functioning landing page for both desktop and mobile use.

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