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Logan City Transportation

Brand Management, Web Design & Editing

The city of Logan, Utah, was working with Horrocks Engineers to develop a Transportation Master Plan and a Main Street Corridor Study. In response, they needed a website specifically designed to showcase these projects for the community. They needed a full functioning site due to the inability to have in-person town meetings due to COVID-19. 

Staying with in the restrictions of the city's brand guidelines, I worked to create a brand identity specific to the project. Using the existing Logan City Logo as inspiration, I designed the website to reflect those elements; including the subject headers, typography selection and color palette. Furthermore, I designed the site to house a video of the Mayoral address at the top as requested by the city.

I then designed handouts that further reflected the branded design of the website. The design of the timeline graphics and the maps were similarly created to complement the aesthetic of the branded website.

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