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Price River EIS

Brand Development, Web Design & Editing

In order to keep up with the demands of population growth, the City of Price was in need of improving the safety and reliability of their water resources - the Upper Price River Watershed. I was given the opportunity to work with the Environmental Department at Horrocks Engineers, to develop the brand identity for the "Upper Price River Watershed Plan." Working closely with the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Price City and the environmental group at Horrocks Engineers, I built the project style guide from the ground up.


I developed and designed the logo, the map layout, public meeting fliers, infographics depicting the various options the study addressed, as well as the website design for both desktop and mobile view. Each element went through rigorous edits to ensure all the content was on par with legal regulations while effectively communicated the intensive details of the watershed study.

One of the challenges this project presented was to design the infographics. In preparation for the public meeting, the graphic elements needed to clearly communicate visually, the various solutions that the NRCS were researching to improve the Watershed's efficiency and safety. It was imperative that I worked closely with the environmental team throughout the design process to ensure that the visual elements were portrayed consistently and accurately.

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