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Pronominal Voice.jpg
Pronominal Voice

Concept Development, Production & Editing

Using the acceptance speech of John F Kennedy’s, “The New Frontier,” I was challenged to analyze both the recorded and written experience. Based on my research, I was then tasked with determining key elements that, in essence, canonized it as a historic landmark speech, then represent that visually in the design of this poster.


In examining the speech alongside several of his other recorded public addresses, I came to realize that he used a lot of inclusive language, inviting a sense of ownership to public. In noting this, I chose to use that as the basis of the design.


One of the challenges was to try and strip away as much unnecessary information while clearly communicating visually the intended message. To solve this visually, I chose to pull out the pronouns and representing them in size based on the number of times he used it to represent the effective nature of his public speaking style.

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